Leah K Woods
Back and Forth

Walnut, Bleached Mahogany
41 x 29 x 7 inches
Back and Forth is the first in a new series of sculptural maps. This body of work titled, Navigation, explores the idea of what maps can represent.

Often maps are used to show the overview of a physical location, to give context within the physical landscape of a city, a country, a continent. The maps I am developing for Navigation are physical manifestations of the unseen. These are maps of feelings, experiences, and emotions. They use compositional elements such as line, plane, curve, and space to create movement and through this movement the viewer is able to feel an experience.

My work strives to bring together the familiar and the new. The experience of familiarity comes through the use of wood and the experience most people have with this material. Wood can be soft, smooth, and inviting. It is home and furniture and comfort and context. I bring the viewer into my work through the recognition of this commonly used material and then begin to create an emotional setting through the composition of each object. The lines, curves, and planes of each piece create the “new” experience for the viewer. The experience of the maps is created through the mood the wood conveys and the use of movement, pattern, and repetition. All of these elements come together to create an experience that may not be geographically understood but rather can be perceived and felt.

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