Leah K Woods
The Challenge of Perception #1
Maple, Aluminum
29 (h) x 39 (w) x 2 (d) inches
Maps layout the context and set the world view through which a viewer is encouraged to interpret and understand information. The situation presented is often a place and through a map’s use of size and scale is able to transform the viewer to imagine, fantasize, and believe that he or she is looking at a city, country, or continent, possibly a world the viewer inhabits at that moment.

In addition to describing a location geographically, maps are generally assumed to be accurate and true. They are considered reliable and often the assumption is made that the image shown in the map is represented without distortion, without an agenda for wanting a place to appear a certain way. Because of this perceived recognition of authority, most people accept maps as fact.

These are the ideas guiding my most recent body of sculpture. The first two pieces in series, Distraction and Migration, explore the idea of what can be described and presented in a map. Does it need to be a location? Can it be an experience? If I build a map describing my personal relationship to a place, how can I convey the emotion I felt in that experience through line, plane, texture, shape, etc.?
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