Leah K Woods
A Way to Move Forward
Mahogany, Veneer, Bleach, Dye, Paint
6 x 6 x 6 inches
Inspired by the results of the Presidential election of 2016, this piece is a response to the feelings and cries I heard discussed by so many people for kindness, unity, and strength. The panels in this sphere provide protection and support for each other in a way that, hopefully, will be symbolic of the country acting with integrity and compassion moving forward.

This sphere is composed of a series of bent-laminated curves. The structure or exterior of the form is created by the dark brown (ebony veneered and painted) lines, and the lines represent quarter sections of the whole sphere. Each of the three sections contain two bent-laminated and coopered, bleached Mahogany panels. The larger panel is providing protection for the smaller panel as the sections, themselves, are working together to reunify and recreate a whole unit.

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